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#ifndef __SH_INTC_H__
#define __SH_INTC_H__

#include "qemu-common.h"
#include "irq.h"

typedef unsigned char intc_enum;

struct intc_vect {
    intc_enum enum_id;
    unsigned short vect;

#define INTC_VECT(enum_id, vect) { enum_id, vect }

struct intc_group {
    intc_enum enum_id;
    intc_enum enum_ids[32];

#define INTC_GROUP(enum_id, ids...) { enum_id, { ids } }

struct intc_mask_reg {
    unsigned long set_reg, clr_reg, reg_width;
    intc_enum enum_ids[32];
    unsigned long value;

struct intc_prio_reg {
    unsigned long set_reg, clr_reg, reg_width, field_width;
    intc_enum enum_ids[16];
    unsigned long value;

#define _INTC_ARRAY(a) a, ARRAY_SIZE(a)

struct intc_source {
    unsigned short vect;
    intc_enum next_enum_id;

    int asserted; /* emulates the interrupt signal line from device to intc */
    int enable_count;
    int enable_max;
    int pending; /* emulates the result of signal and masking */
    struct intc_desc *parent;

struct intc_desc {
    qemu_irq *irqs;
    struct intc_source *sources;
    int nr_sources;
    struct intc_mask_reg *mask_regs;
    int nr_mask_regs;
    struct intc_prio_reg *prio_regs;
    int nr_prio_regs;
    int iomemtype;
    int pending; /* number of interrupt sources that has pending set */

int sh_intc_get_pending_vector(struct intc_desc *desc, int imask);
struct intc_source *sh_intc_source(struct intc_desc *desc, intc_enum id);
void sh_intc_toggle_source(struct intc_source *source,
                     int enable_adj, int assert_adj);

void sh_intc_register_sources(struct intc_desc *desc,
                        struct intc_vect *vectors,
                        int nr_vectors,
                        struct intc_group *groups,
                        int nr_groups);

int sh_intc_init(struct intc_desc *desc,
             int nr_sources,
             struct intc_mask_reg *mask_regs,
             int nr_mask_regs,
             struct intc_prio_reg *prio_regs,
             int nr_prio_regs);

void sh_intc_set_irl(void *opaque, int n, int level);

#endif /* __SH_INTC_H__ */

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